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Why Should Not You Use Mouthwash After Brushing?

We all know the advice of getting healthy teeth, using a toothbrush twice a day and reducing sugar, so why do those who follow these instructions sometimes need padding when they visit a dentist?

In fact, there are more procedures and warnings to prevent tooth decay, according to Dr. Clement Sepulok and Professor Nicolas Ennis, pediatric dentists at Dundee University.

Why should not you use mouthwash after brushing
Why should not you use mouthwash after brushing

Clean your teeth with skill:

The brush removes a mixture of bacteria, acids, viscous products and food residues, which are formed naturally on the teeth immediately after ingestion. The bacteria consume sugar, producing acids that melt the minerals from the teeth, leaving microscopic holes that we can not see. If the process does not stop and is not repaired, it can become These large cavities are obvious.

The healthy way to brush your teeth is to take two minutes to brush your teeth to remove plaque, and you have to brush it at night and another time every day.

Do not use mouthwash after using the toothbrush:

Do not eat or drink anything except water after brushing at night, because this also gives fluoride the longest chance of working.

When cleaning, do not rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash because you wash fluoride, which in turn reduces tooth decay by up to 25%.

As health experts recommended to avoid rinse the mouth with water after brushing your teeth, with the need to spit out the toothpaste excess of the mouth.

They attributed the reason to the fact that rinsing the water removes the fluoride layer, which is formed on the teeth after cleaning, in order to protect it as long as possible.

So it is best to keep the toothpaste in your mouth so, to protect your teeth.

Also, health experts advised to move away from the use of “mouthwash” after the completion of the process of cleaning teeth, because at the same time to remove the layer of fluoride that protects the teeth.

The mouthwash can be used after a meal, instead of doing the cleaning of the teeth.

If you are one of those people who are keen to eat breakfast immediately after cleaning your teeth, health experts recommend that you stop doing so, and wait 30 minutes after you finish cleaning before taking anything.

It is clear from these tips that it is not necessary to rinse the mouth after the completion of the cleaning, because it has a negative impact on the health of teeth, although this seems to be “a bit” a bit, you should follow them as recommended by doctors.

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