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Semen Can Whiten Your Enamel – Reality Or Fiction?

Can semen actually whiten your enamel? Is semen good for enamel? Details about whether or not ejaculated human sperm might help make your enamel whiter.

Earlier than we are able to make any assumptions on whether or not does semen whiten the enamel, the next details needs to be recognized about ejaculate human semen earlier than judging or coming to any conclusions.

The human semen comprises quite a lot of elements, which primarily embrace sperm (containing DNA), citric acid, fructose, ascorbic acid, water, magnesium, enzymes, nitrogen, chlorine, potassium, creatine vitamin B12, ldl cholesterol, phosphate, bicarbonate buffers, zinc and calcium. These are all important for copy and have their very own particular person roles to play in the entire reproductive course of, amongst them; calcium and zinc are held by some to be helpful for the enamel, however there are not any scientific proof to assist that they assist on the subject of whitening the enamel.

Moreover, a comparability examine between the elements inside a tooth whitening product and semen will give us a deeper information in regards to the effectiveness of the latter as a tooth whitener.

Hydrogen peroxides, hydrated silica, polyvinylpyrrolidone, potassium nitrate, calprox, baking soda, fluoride, strontium chloride and sodium tripolyphosphate are the principle elements that are generally discovered in several enamel whiteners in the marketplace. The bleaching chemical compounds and elements talked about above usually are not present in semen, although potassium and phosphates are current there, non of them are within the correct mixture with different parts which might assist in whitening the enamel. Due to this fact it might probably safely be assumed {that a} enamel whitening toothpaste is a significantly better possibility, fairly than relying on semen to do it.

Nonetheless, semen ingestion is understood to decrease stress and lift the ladies’s temper as a result of its sugar primarily based enzymes, and a latest examine additionally reveals that selenium, an ingredient present in semen may additionally serve in safety towards most cancers, however so far as whitening of the enamel is anxious, semen doesn’t appear to be promising in any respect. It will be advisable to go for a laser medical tooth whitening session or buy knowledgeable at dwelling enamel whitening package if you wish to be by about it. Any of those gives you higher outcomes, better assurance and a whiter, brighter smile than semen.

Source by Lee Tuan James

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