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5 Top Benefits Of Oil Pulling, How To Do It For Oral Health And Teeth

Oil pulling is an old habit that involves the filing of the mouth to remove bacteria and promote oral hygiene and is often associated with Ayurveda, a traditional medicine system in India.
Studies suggest that oil pulling can eliminate bacteria in the mouth, improve oral and dental health, and some alternative medicine practitioners claim to help treat many diseases.

While it is not entirely clear how much oil pulling works, it is believed to pull bacteria out of the mouth. It can also help moisturize the gums and increase the production of saliva, which also reduces bacteria.

Some types of oil contain substances that reduce inflammation and bacteria in a natural way, thus enhancing oral health. However, the study of clouds is limited, and there are some doubts about the fact that the health benefits of this method.

Oil Pulling Teeth Benefits
Oil Pulling Teeth Benefits

Benefits of oil pulling for mouth and teeth:

1- Elimination of bacteria in the mouth:

There are about 700 species of bacteria that can live in the mouth, and more than 350 of them in the mouth all the time, and there are some harmful species, which can cause health problems such as tooth decay, bad breath and diseases Gums.

In two-week study, 20 children either used regular gurgling or sesame oil for 10 minutes per day. After only one week, the number of harmful bacteria found in saliva and sediment was also observed in both groups.

Another recent study found the same results, involving 60 people using either regular gargle, water or coconut oil for two weeks, and found that those using gargle or coconut oil had fewer bacteria in the saliva.

Reducing the number of bacteria helps to support the proper hygiene of the mouth, and protects against certain health conditions and problems of mouth and teeth.

2 – Can reduce the smell of bad breath:

50% of people suffer from the problem of bad breath, and there are many reasons behind this problem, including infection, gum disease, lack of personal hygiene and coating of the tongue, when bacteria encapsulate the tongue.

Treatment involves the removal of these bacteria, either by brushing and using toothpaste or using gargle cleansers, such as chlorhexidine. One study found that oil pulling was as effective as it was in reducing bad odors of the mouth.

In this study, 20 children were using gargle or sesame oil, and the low level of microorganisms known to contribute to bad breath was noted.

Although more studies are needed, pulling is used as an alternative therapy to reduce bad breath odor.

3 – Can prevent tooth decay:

Caries tooth decay is a common problem, which can occur as a result of lack of personal hygiene, excessive sugar consumption or the accumulation of bacteria causing decay, which leads to the presence of cavities in the teeth.

Sediments can also lead to caries, which is a layer on the teeth and consists of bacteria, saliva and food residues. The bacteria begin to analyze food residues, produce acids that damage the enamel layer and cause cavities.

Studies have found that oil pulling reduces the number of bacteria in the mouth, which protects against tooth decay. In fact, some studies have found that it reduces the number of harmful bacteria found in saliva and rooting as gargling does.

4 – It appears to reduce inflammation and improve gum health:

Periodontal disease is known to cause redness and swelling of the gums. It can also cause bleeding and gingivitis. Fortunately, oil pulling can improve gum health and reduce inflammation in the mouth, which contributes to periodontal disease.

The use of some types of anti-inflammatory oils such as coconut oil can help reduce inflammation-causing gum disease and the results of some studies that it may be a complementary treatment of this situation.

5 – Other Benefits Of Oil Pulling Teeth:

Although oil-pullers claim to benefit a wide range of other situations not mentioned above, research on the benefits of oil pulling is limited.

However, the anti-inflammatory effects of oil pulling may have a beneficial effect on some cases associated with inflammation.

While no studies have evaluated the effectiveness of the oil pulling process, there may be potential for its potential to reduce inflammation. Furthermore, there is unconfirmed evidence that the oil pulling process can be a natural way to whiten your teeth.

Some claim that it is able to pull stains from the surface of the teeth, leading to the whitening effect, although there is no scientific research to support these cases.

Steps to use oil pulling:

  • Measure one tablespoon of oil, such as coconut, sesame or olive oil.
  • Put it in your mouth for 15-20 minutes, taking care not to swallow anything.
  • Put the oil in the trash once you have finished. Avoid placing it in the sink or toilet, as this can cause oil buildup, which may lead to blockage.
  • Rinse mouth thoroughly using water before eating or drinking anything.

Repeat this recipe several times a week, 3 times a day, starting with 5 minutes and then increasing it to 15-20 minutes, preferably in the morning to get the best results.

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