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3 Different Types of Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Is the replacement of a missing or damaged part of the teeth with another part of the artificial, in order to get artificial teeth and a real function of teeth and similar in shape, in some cases the person exposed a strong blow to his teeth, which leads to breaking or loss, becomes inappropriate shape, Suitable for the person resorting to the implants of teeth, you will discover the 3 different types of dental implants.

Different Types of Dental Implants
Different Types of Dental Implants

Causes of dental implants:

There are many reasons to put dental implants, including:
– Compensation of one or more teeth that have been removed in one way or another.
– Protection of a weak tooth exposed to break or fall, due to decay or exposure to injury.
– To compensate for a broken tooth.
– Cover a large filling to prevent its fall.
– Cover a deformed tooth or its different color.

Types of dental implants

Types of dental implants, are:

1- Fixed dental implants

These implants are fixed in the mouth and can only be removed with the help of a doctor. They are in the form of a crown that covers an existing tooth or a bridge that compensates for a tooth. This process is done with the help of the teeth adjacent to the tooth so that it acts as a bridge. Until they are able to bear the load that will fall on them from the bridge:

The metal crown

Is made of gold, palladium, or a mixture of other metals. It is a durable type of fixtures, so it stays for many years but is placed in the back teeth because its color distorts the appearance.

Metal covered with porcelain

It is the most widely used, because it is similar in color and shape to natural teeth, and its imperfections are susceptible to breakage, due to the possibility of exfoliation of the porcelain covering the metal, as the metal appears in the area near the gums.

Metal-free implants

They are characterized by their lack of minerals, which makes them distinctive in terms of shape, color and transparency, and the defect that they are weaker than the metal covered with porcelain and the price is higher.

2- Cosmetic teeth

They are the implants that cover the front of the teeth, so they not remove a large part of the original teeth because it is a crust placed on the teeth from the outside, and does not affect the gums and maintain the color of teeth, used as an alternative to teeth, yellowing or containing on the dye, and can address the problems caused by orthodontics such as the existence of distances or shortness, and the defect that it is very thin, which makes them very fragile and retractable, so it is necessary to stay away from eating hard, which threatens to break.

3- Removable dental implants

Tips for removable dental implants:

  • The patient can remove them from his mouth and move them.
  • Used when the number of teeth removed is high.
  • It consists of a metal base and is placed on top of industrial gums, made of acryl.
  • Used to compensate for the deficiency in all or part of the teeth.
  • Dependent on its plate with gum.
  • Need special attention, and should be cleaned thoroughly using a custom lotion, and placed in water or solution to sleep when it is to dry and crack.
  • Keep away from cleaning with toothbrush and paste, because this leads to very small scratches made up of bacteria and food particles.

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  1. Randy Mcinnis

    I am confused. I have 4 teeth my lower k-9s. I am 58 years old and I have not been able to eat right since I had all my teeth pulled. I heard that people have trouble with pain after getting the metal screws. what would you all recomend . I dont want dentures It is like having a chock of wood in your mouth and I would whistel when a s word came up. my goal is to be able to chew up a whole cow with no problems. ps. it would also be nice to be able to smile at you. I need a little help. I am dissable and I have medicade, medicare, and I also have silverscript insurance. thank you. Randy McInnis

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